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Affiliate Learning Links was born from the heart.

Rhonda Giarraffa founder of Learning Link Direct also known as The Affiliate Reiview Guru created Affiliate Learning Links purely from the heart and the desire to help those who are willing to learn how to generate income on line. While she has had many successes in life, her passion and skills lay in teaching outside of the box and motivating people to tap in to their full potential.

After a successful seven year run in the food industry as the President and CEO of her food brokerage company, Milestone Marketing Inc., she disolved the corporation due to economic pressures of rising fuel costs and uncertanties of accounts recievables. Playing the roll of a banker to clients was not an option or risk she was willing to take in an unstable market.

What was once an attainable goal for retirement at a set age, quickly became unrealistic.

So what does a former President and CEO do when the market unravels...?

" I wasn't quite sure what my next cours of action would be but I knew I had to do something. I started investigating affiliate marketing to help bring in extra income. I read everything I could on it and researched several companies offering advice and training. The majority of programs and memership type of offerings I got involved in were pretty much under qualified to give out the information that they were claiming to be the best thing on the market.

Although my background is in sales and marketing, I had no idea how to cross it over to the virtual arena. It took a lot of money and tons of reading before I finally found the right resources and mentors that were the real deal.

Once I got a hold of the truth and the formula for success on line, it started taking off for me one click at a time. Literally! I had no intention of creating training tutorials initially but it just started happening without even thinking twice about it. There was a point in time that I was so frustrated with the garbage that was being tossed out to those seeking the right answers, including myself, that I made a promiss to share my knowledge once I had it all figured out. The issue with many of the companies out there are that they only give out bits and peices of the information and leave out some of the right ingredients to the formula.

Coming from the food industry I know that if you have a bad formula you need to toss out the end product and start over again until you get it right. If you leave out one ingredient or have wrong measurments you will have a recipe that will have an undesireable result. My background also includes training business owners and sales teams how to work with products and trouble shoot issues from a technical point of view. When you learn the process of elimination your chances for quicker results are much higher. With that in mind, the tutorials that are offered are all created to eliminate the guess work so our students can keep moving through them with out having to jump around in search for answers.

It is my personal mission to give the very best and to keep all of our members and students updated as on line changes take place. Technology is constantly changing and if you miss whats going on with the big boys out there, you will get caught with your virtual pants down.

Although Affiliate Learning Links is in its infancy, we have a solid formula and foundation. We will continue to give first and humbly give thanks for our many blessing."

-Rhonda Giarraffa-

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